Who’s paying for the Madison Public Market?

A free Wednesday night event offering a “taste” of the long-promised Madison Public Market raises a question: Where are we on this Public Market thing?

The event at 945 E. Washington Ave. will feature music, kids activities, storytelling, a “mini dance party” and free samples from over 15 vendors from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It offers a chance to meet potential merchants of the market and witness the variety cultures and communities the market hopes to encompass.

But before construction of the market can begin, it needs to secure funding. Read on to find out how the market will be financed and where fundraising stands today...


Ken Notes: A great market is the perfect public private partnership. The public sector needs to learn from the private sector here. To have a successful project you need anchors or revenue generators from the day you open. Our public market needs a restaurant, beer and cheese shop, deli, and other businesses that will pay market rates and make money on day one, this will keep the project afloat while the other small businesses fill in to make it a truly public market.

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