As Epic Systems has soared, Madison has become a center for health information technology

Supporters of the incentives promised to Foxconn can only hope that the billions of dollars have the same effect on the state’s economy as Epic Systems in Verona has had.

The company, which writes software for electronic health records, has hired about 3,200 people in the past three years alone.

It now employs 9,700 people companywide, including 9,300 in Verona, and had revenue of $2.5 billion last year — up from 396 people and revenue of $47 million in 2000...


Ken Notes: We need to focus on this potential and team up with EPIC to create some development co-working space. Now that EPIC is looking at APPS we can become the center for this software development. Also medical diagnostic tools need to link directly into EPIC`s system thus they need offices in the area. Finally EPIC relies on third party hardware vendors, but imagine a system built for EPIC... Just thinking out loud...

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