Wisconsin groups join Microsoft`s effort to close the rural broadband gap

Wisconsin groups representing rural schools, technology, business and other interests are backing an ambitious plan to close the rural broadband gap that’s left millions of Americans without access to high-speed internet service.

The groups are part of a new coalition, called Connect Americans Now, that aims to extend high-speed internet access across the country. An estimated 23.4 million people in rural America remain without broadband, despite efforts by the government and service providers to extend access.

In Wisconsin, the national coalition’s partners include the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance, Wisconsin Economic Development Association, Wisconsin Technology Council and Wisconsin Realtors Association.

The strategy, which is getting its biggest push from Microsoft Corp., is to leverage what’s called TV white space, the unused broadcast channels between active channels, to deliver internet service.

That 600 MHz frequency range is sometimes called Super Wi-Fi because the signals can travel over hills and rugged terrain, traits that have allowed rural communities to access local TV stations....


Ken Notes: Again I suggest we tap the brightest minds on this issue before we lay billions in cable that in time may not be needed....

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