Airlines boost salaries to solve critical pilot shortage

Airlines are raising salaries and expanding benefits in order to combat the industry’s severe pilot shortage, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Boeing Co. estimates that airlines will need to hire 635,000 pilots globally over the next two decades.

Airline analyst Mike Boyd said the pay scale for pilots has to increase significantly to attract qualified candidates.

“If we are going to get more pilots, the pay scale has to go up in the early years so we get more people into it,” Boyd said during an interview on “Making Money with Charles Payne” on Wednesday...


Ken Notes: This is a PERFECT opportunity for transit growth in Madison! We desperately need more local, regional and national air transit opportunities. Chris Johnson Manager of UW Flight Simulation Laboratory on campus suggests that it is very difficult if not impossible to get the basic flight training and hours needed to begin to advance to a commercial pilot in Madison. The UW would be interested in working with flight schools and airlines to provide a training opportunity for young professionals looking to enter the field.

With the current demand from EPIC, Foxconn and others Madison need an airline to hub out of the Madison facility. We also need to expand our private offerings which is often the entry level opportunity for commercial pilots.

Chris and I are hoping to explore this more in the coming months. If you would like to help expand air transit and training in Madison give us a call. Now about transit from the Airport to downtown and EPIC --- don`t get me started.

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