Soglin`s proposed 2019 budget would create new art installation program, stay the course on music funds

The mayor also seeks to bump up the Overture Center`s subsidy to $2 million.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin last week unveiled his proposed 2019 city budget—the last one he`ll oversee before he leaves office—which means it`s time for yet another look at where city leaders are planning to spend public funds on arts- and music-related programs.

As usual, arts funding makes up a very tiny portion of Soglin`s $332 million proposal, and it`s rare to hear the mayor and Common Council argue much about these funding items during the annual city budget process, with the occasional exception of disagreements over subsidies for the Overture Center for the Arts. But even a few thousand dollars of city funding can go a long way for an event or program, helping organizers raise more funds from private sources and, ideally, saying something about what Madisonians value.


Ken Notes: The article is from an Arts perspective but I foud it very interesting...

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