Even fixing Wisconsin’s Foxconn deal won’t fix it, says state-requested report

The governor’s office is building the case to renegotiate

In 2017, Wisconsin offered Foxconn a record-breaking subsidy to build an LCD factory in the state, only to see the promised factory fall behind schedule and grow progressively smaller. Now, the Wisconsin Department of Administration has requested a reassessment of the costs and benefits to the state regarding the far-tinier facility...


Ken Notes: Again this is an opportunity to attract other businesses to Wisconsin using a national stage. We could use Foxconn to establish a set of programs, incentives and grants available to ALL new and growing businesses in the state. Using a redesigned TIF statute and an income tax break for companies actually providing good new jobs, we would truly hang an open for business sign in the state. We can work with our tech and college programs to offer qualified employees. We can remove politics from economic development and bring rural Wisconsin and other communities to the table. AND we would be able to get the national press to tell our story for FREE. The value of this news outlet would be immeasurable - instead of "that stupid Foxconn deal" we would be the state that wants to do business with your company.

One final question if we believe the Foxconn jobs are worth it -- why wouldn`t we make the same investment in any Wisconsin manufacture???

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