Study reports Wisconsin ranks first in number of paper mills

The state’s pulp, paper and converting industries generated $18.2 billion in economic output in 2018.

The Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point released a study called An Assessment of the Economic Contribution of Pulp, Paper and Converting to the State of Wisconsin that found that Wisconsin ranks first in the nation in the number of paper mills, the number of industry employees in the paper industry and the value of the paper products sold. 

The report was prepared by WIST, with assistance from the Wisconsin Paper Council. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) provided funding for the research and the report.

According to the study, Wisconsin’s pulp, paper and converting industries directly generated $18.2 billion in economic output and employed more than 30,000 workers in 2018. The paper industry’s total contributions to Wisconsin’s economy—including direct, indirect and induced benefits—amounted to more than $28.8 billion and more than 95,000 jobs, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. reports in a news release announcing the study...


Study: Wisconsin’s paper industry tops in nation


Ken Notes: This is good news but the reality is that much of the production has moved overseas. This trend will continue and a new trend is for Chinese interests to buy US pulp and recycling facilities and produce the pulp for their Chinese boxes here and then ship it back to China for production. A great model for economic development is to identify what we can put on all the empty ships returning to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Russia and all the other countries that ship goods to the US.

Finally regarding paper it is a very water intensive business and the industry is dedicated to returning the water back to the environment cleaner then they took it, but we still like to target them and there purse for environmental issues. We need to work with the industry to encourage growth in the state...

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