Wisconsin developer fumbles the ball...

Wisconsin developer Bob Dunn of Landmark Development certainly got off on the wrong foot with his grandiose plans to create One Central, a massive residential and commercial development he wants to build on a platform over the current Metra tracks in the South Loop. Dunn might have been thinking he could do his political end-around as easily as Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been able to do against previous average Chicago Bears defenses. Well, the Bears “D” heading into 2019-2020 is a much better version than in past years, and we will have to see how this upcoming season will play out for Rodgers’ Packers versus the Bears.

We will also be watching carefully to see if and how Dunn’s One Central plan progresses downfield with the powers that be in the decision-making process.

Dunn must have been paying close attention to how the game is played in Chicago and Illinois politics when he did his recent end-around Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Third Ward Alderman Pat Dowell, State Senator Robert Peters, and State Representative Kambium Buckner and then ran his football all the way to Springfield to get help for One Central from Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Legislature, seemingly contingent on whether he could get Federal funds lined up for the transportation hub portion of the development.


Ken Notes: I don`t think he fumbled, he is getting global attention for a brilliant idea. He knows Chicago politics and has a game plan in place. Let him play!!!

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