New Council Announces First Employee and Upcoming Event in Sheboygan County
According to the Sheboygan Economic Development Corporation, the state`s Internet of Things (IOT) council is announcing a coordinator and an inaugural event. The IOT council is pleased to announce they`ve also announced this week, the hiring of Ronald Rumack, who will be the council’s first employee. The IOT council is a professional membership driven organization that promotes Wisconsin and the midwest as the epicenter for IOT. Officials say it`s also designed to drive technological advancement in the region by providing the council and its members with a forum and environment conducive for networking, relationship building, talent attraction and mutual exchange of information.   ...more

Ken Notes: Sheboygan may be smarter than the State here. Wisconsin has an opportunity to use the next generation of internet and cell technology to develop the network it needs especially in rural Wisconsin. Sheboygan gets this Wisconsin does not.

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