Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson overreaches on economic growth claim

Republicans love praising the Trump economy. 

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in years and steady job growth, there’s a lot to boast about. 

But just how well does the Trump administration’s overall economic performance compare to his predecessor Barack Obama? And how has the business climate fared under the two presidents?


Ken Notes: Business loves long term stability. This often comes from conflict in the branches of government when little gets done -- no wall, no mandates, no social programs, no real changes in trade deals. Add to that Trump`s willingness to listen to a far right yet pro-business agenda and use executive orders to clear paths for business and you do have an environment good for growth. Johnson and Trump are not responsible nor was Obama, Bush or Clinton. It just happens when things do not get done. I am interested in what will happen closer to election when companies start to prepare for uncertainty again.

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