The NIMBY test

How to honor neighborhood activism

When neighborhood residents protest a new project or development, they often get labeled NIMBYs, aka Not In My Backyard. I’ve used the term myself as a shorthand for folks who don’t like the smells from a barbecue joint wafting toward their window, or for people who are mad that a new apartment building might block their lakeview.

Increasingly, however, I’ve seen the NIMBY label weaponized as a blanket term for all neighborhood activism. Under this overly simplistic narrative, concerns ranging from the trivial to the serious get lumped together. Any community opposition, no matter the issue, is written off as stubborn interference...


Ken Notes: A major topic and interesting points. I would love to see some neighborhood standards for including some homes that are more affordable(not necessarily affordable housing), a balance in densities, access to nearby retail. If fail to work together to build "community" we fail to move forward. There are examples of this working well but it does require compromise a term forgotten in the current political environment.

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