A gigawatt goal for Wisconsin

Alliant Energy has announced a plan to bring 1 GW of solar online in the Badger state by 2023, which will provide the first steps towards the state’s goal to reach 100% carbon-free energy by 2050.

Alliant Energy is going to increase the total installed solar capacity of Wisconsin 10-fold by 2023. The utility has announced its Powering What’s Next plan, which includes expanding its Wisconsin solar energy generation by up to 1 gigawatt.

Alliant will be kicking off the upcoming development, at least we are to assume it is development as the company gave no reason to believe it would be in the market to buy any projects, with a 1 MW community solar development in Fond du Lac County. It will be the utility’s first community solar project in the state. Alliant also shared that this project is not a part of the 1 GW in future development, so one could say that 1,001 MW is the real figure...


Ken Notes: The real news is that they are doing this because it is cost effective to do so. More in WDNGreen.com on Monday....

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