OPINION: Madison can end homelessness for families
Jim Wheeler: In my 27 years as a Madison police captain and now as a volunteer for the United Way of Dane County, I know how essential it is to address family stability and its biggest disrupters. Strong families make strong, safe and thriving communities.

I volunteer with United Way because its evidence-based strategies are working...

...Here’s how the United Way and its partners are solving the problem:

  • By providing direct access to affordable housing. This means moving low-income families with barriers to housing directly into apartments they can afford, and working with developers to get more affordable workforce housing built.
  • By providing quality case management. This means partnering with upwards of 2,000 families a year to identify goals and to plan and support them.
  • By strengthening landlord-tenant relationships. This includes eviction prevention and advocating for families on both sides of the housing process through one-on-one conversations with landlords and property managers.
  • By believing in the potential of families and unleashing their ability to achieve self-sufficiency and thrive.

In 2018, we invested in more than 4,500 local individuals and families in our housing work alone, who are now on paths out of poverty...


Ken Notes: WELL SAID! I would add that we should look at some non-traditional models as well. Micro houses (like in Milwaukee for homeless vets), Co-living and tiny apartment units, and more should be a PART of the mix. Also we should stress the importance of integrating our efforts into mixed income neighborhoods. Finally I like the Habitat model of ownership. Mental healthcare also need to be a part of the solution... I see a radio show on this in the near future, have somthing to say call me - 608.334.2174....

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