Beyond biotech: Emerging Wisconsin companies become more diverse
Throughout the 1990s and well into the 2000s, biotechnology seemed to be the only “tech” in Wisconsin when it came to startups and other emerging companies.

And why not? The state was and continues to be a hotbed for genomics, personalized medicine, stem-cell research and assay tests used for pharmaceutical testing, laboratory medicine and more. It was a specialty consistent with the state’s academic research base in Madison and beyond.

Without diluting those life sciences sectors, others have risen. Medical imaging and medical devices were quick to follow biotechnology as related “cousins” in the sense both revolve around health care. Growing slowly at first but expanding rapidly in the last 10 years was health information technology, led by Epic Systems and its game-changing influence on digital health...


Ken notes: Good points Tom. But bio is putting us on the map, so we need to do a marketing campaign - Wisconsin Come for the Bio and stay for the brilliance...

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