Opinion: The Cap Times and trust in local news
 Paul Fanlund: Several years ago, a Democratic operative suggested to me over coffee that the Cap Times — famous for its feisty progressive opinions — should also put a thumb on the scale in its news coverage to favor progressive politicians and causes.

Seldom have I been more sharply dismissive of an idea. That would contradict everything we stand for, I told him.

That conversation came to mind as I read a new national study exploring whether readers trust local media. The bottom line: local institutions like the Cap Times are considerably more trusted than embattled national media outlets, but that support appears somewhat fragile.


Ken Notes: Paul is correct and it is becoming more and more difficult to find actual reporting in the media. For the record I am NOT a reporter and I need factual news on which to comment. If the story starts with a bias or opinion (unless labeled as such) I do not have a platform on which to stand. Paul keep fighting even though you are occasionally wrong, and stop having coffee with Democratic operatives!!!

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