Weed dispensary set to open just across Wisconsin-Illinois state line; what police want you to know

SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. - A marijuana dispensary is set to open near the beginning of the new year in South Beloit, Illinois. 

The move comes after Illinois lawmakers approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana statewide.

South Beloit Mayor Ted Rehl said he sees the move as a chance for economic growth.

"Our thought process is purely economic development," Rehl said. "(The owners) approached us. For us, we never even entertained the thought of saying no."

Yet, while marijuana will be legal in Illinois, law enforcement officers are reminding people it still won`t be in Wisconsin. 

"We all recognize there will be Wisconsin residents that will go down to Illinois and are going to purchase marijuana down there," said Rock County Sheriff Troy Knudson...


Ken Notes: No doubt there will be a robust Patrol business in Wisconsin searching cars coming back into the state which is interesting because I do not know of any Illinois officers looking for Spotted Cow coming into their state. I have been talking about destination retail, this is definitely going to make the list. I wonder if Illinois will place "Open for Busniss" signs on the border???

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