Developer proposes another big housing project for booming East Washington Avenue

The remake of East Washington Avenue into a housing, commercial, and food and entertainment destination continues, with the latest offering closer to Capitol Square.

LZ Ventures is proposing to demolish a series of buildings on the 400 block of East Washington Avenue plus three houses on North Hancock and North Franklin streets for a 10-story apartment building with 160 units, commercial space and underground parking, preliminary documents submitted to the city show.

The proposed building would rise to 10 stories facing East Washington Avenue and drop to eight stories at the rear of the site, the back side appearing as two towers connected by a one-story structure, the documents show. The ground and first floors would provide a total 4,112 square feet of commercial space with a rooftop deck atop the first floor at the rear of the building, and a community room, swimming pool and game room on the ninth floor...

Since November alone:


Ken Notes: This is an amazing corridor and the development is spectacular, my question is haw can we balance this growth with housing that is more affordable for the service and retail workers in the community. I am not suggesting we keep the multi-flat units currently on this sight because we will need the density this project provides, I would like to see some smaller units with shared amenities in some of these projects. What if we had some 250 to 350 sq. ft. units with some shared common spaces in the new apartment complexes we are building. We have models for this in student housing, we need to replicate this for the private sector...

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