Three Lakes to spend $10,000 on study for potential hotel development
THREE LAKES - Americans spend nearly $162 billion per year on temporary stays at hotels and motels. Community members of Three Lakes hope a small chunk of that number can go towards boosting their economy.

The Three Lakes town board has approved funding for a hotel feasibility study, costing up to $10,000. It`s part of a collaborative effort to improve tourism housing options and bring back the business they lost when the town`s last hotel caught fire.

All that remains of the March 2019 fire is the Oneida Village Inn sign. It`s a burning reminder of the lost hotel. Three Lakes Town Chair Jeff says the hotel brought a lot of business to the Northwoods.

"They would come here and snowmobile, stay for hockey tournaments, stay in the summer time, and things like that," said Bruss. "We lost the ability to have whatever that was 40 plus or minus rooms that were full on busy weekends."

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