Why You Might Be Spending More Time in Westown Soon

An influx of new residents and redevelopment are waking up the sleepiest section of Downtown.

Long plagued by vacant storefronts and the drawn-out demise of a once-vibrant shopping center, the heart of West Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown Milwaukee is poised for a revival.

Not long ago, the city’s Westown section was so pocked with prominent empty spaces that former police chief Edward Flynn once proposed moving the 1st District police station there just to fill the void. Now, an array of projects is breathing life into the neighborhood.

Transformation, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to hot and trendy. Local real estate and development experts say Westown has to carve out its own identity, and it doesn’t have to be like the bustling reinventions of the Third Ward or Walker’s Point to be a success.


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Ken Notes: Milwaukee is booming with some great projects. My guest last week on Development Matters was Pat Kressin with Graef, great show, Listen to his answers to 4Q2020 Here...

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