Study Says Foxconn Deal Cost Wisconsin $20 Billion in Lost Economic Growth

In June 2018, President Donald Trump attended the groundbreaking ceremony for a Foxconn factory in Wisconsin. Ever exuberant in his comments, he called the project the "eighth wonder of the world" and "one of the great deals, ever." Always a bragger, his praise was directed at himself for orchestrating the use of state subsidies and tax credits to bring the Taiwanese multinational electronics company to Wisconsin for it to manufacture high-resolution LCD screens.


Ken Notes: WOW, I would hate to have to admit that Trump is correct about fake news but why do we allow press to say "the state legislature offered a subsidy package of $4.5 billion, mostly in direct cash payments". This is wrong these incentives are tied to jobs and brick an mortar. No jobs no money - I worked hard to eliminate the up front cash handouts that were given to companies in the past. They go on to detail exactly what the new plant will look like, which is interesting because Foxconn does not no what it will look like. Why does media get to use a crystal ball, remember when they printed news and op-ed guys like me pontificated, now it is the other way around...

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