Wisconsin part of global economy
APPLETON — There are many reasons why people in Wisconsin and elsewhere can be skeptics when it comes to the global economy. Whether it’s the coronavirus outbreak, seemingly endless debates over tariffs and trade pacts, or worries over jobs being lost overseas, people can be tempted to think it’s time to crawl into a manhole and cover it from above.

If only it was that simple — or even possible.

The reality of today’s economy is that connections that range from digital to physical have transformed how people around the world work and live, usually for the better. Wisconsin’s geographic position in the middle of the United States may insulate the state from some trends, but the diversity of its economy means it can provide the goods and services the world needs while also attracting investment from abroad...

Ken Notes: As always, Tom Still offers a great perspective on Wisconsin`s place in the global economy. I would add that we need to pair this with a positive political picture, and we are not very good at that part of the equation.

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