All aboard! Wisconsin and Minnesota on track for improved passenger rail

Projects could bring "higher speed" rail to Wisconsin

A variety of railroad projects are coming together to greatly improve passenger service in Wisconsin, including “higher speed” rail.

They include: doubling daily service between St. Paul and Chicago; increasing the number of round-trip Milwaukee to Chicago trains from seven to 10; express service between Minneapolis and Duluth-Superior; and, already underway, more than $5 million in improvements to the Milwaukee Airport Railroad Station at General Mitchell International Airport, with completion expected in 2023.

Funding for several of the projects is included in Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’ Building One Minnesota plan, announced Jan. 15. Walz proposes $2.6 billion in bonding to invest in education, environment, public safety and infrastructure....

Ken Notes: Just listened to a podcast, Derailed, on WPR. This is very well done an should be required listening for any Wisconsin politician, rail advocate, or interested party. We were so close to a system that would have put us on the global map for distribution, economic development, and connecting Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and the Twin Cities. We missed the boat (or train as the case may be).

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