‘Everybody expects things a lot quicker:’ Ascension opens new $42M health center in Mount Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT -- $42 million. That`s how much Ascension Wisconsin just spent on a new health center off of Highway 20 in Mount Pleasant.

The clinic celebrated its grand opening Wednesday, Feb. 12 and aims to be a one-stop shop for just about anything patients could need.

"Everybody expects things a lot quicker, and so, medicine has always been one of those technologies that always lags behind," said Dr. Amrinder Singh, an Ascension Wisconsin family medicine physician.


Ken Notes: Congrats. I do want to point something out.. if we continue to build these high profit one stop shops which are actually very nice we remove some of the more profitable income from our traditional hospitals. The hospitals then have to provide emergency care and extended care which is not profitable with little sustaining income because the clinic does that stuff now. Just a thought let me know if I am wrong...

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