Madison mayor asks for moratorium on evictions; county placing homeless in hotels

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, speaking Thursday afternoon, said that she is asking every landlord to hit pause on evictions and non-renewals during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that she is asking state officials to issue a moratorium on evictions and non-renewals.

“If I could issue a moratorium on evictions and non-renewals here in the city of Madison, I would,” Rhodes-Conway said. “But I am specifically prevented by state law from doing so, which is an incredibly frustrating thing when you’re trying to take care of your community.”...


Ken Notes: I understand the stimulus but like 2007 there will be winners and losers. I wish we could just put the economy on hold for ninety days with interest free loans to cover the essentials. Day traders are making fortunes betting on our misfortune. Banks will again enforce bankruptcies instead of restructuring loans, we will evict tenants rather than defer rent, and on the other side of the coin some nonprofits will profit and others will struggle. I do love the stories of those who are helping for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

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