GoDx uses point-of-care test to quickly diagnose gut, COVID-19 pathogens

GoDiagnostics, or GoDx, was formed with the vision to “democratize diagnostics” so that all people can more quickly learn about infections that make them sick.

The founder and chief executive officer of GoDx, Chang Hee Kim, and his team are in the process of gaining regulatory approval of their two diagnostics tests — GutChecker and CoronaChecker.

Kim founded the company to combat deaths related to diarrhea-inducing gut pathogens. With between millions of annual deaths, diarrhea is the second leading cause of death in children under age 5 worldwide. Furthermore, founders have identified an unmet need for quick, inexpensive and effective diagnostics tests in the health care system. GoDx is tackling this need head on.   ...more

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