Guest column: Who cares about energy during COVID-19 crisis? We all should
Like many Americans, I’ve been struggling to adjust to the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last few months. It may sound cliché at this point, but it rings true nonetheless: COVID-19 and the worldwide effort to combat it have scrambled everything around us. Indeed, even energy markets have not been immune to sudden, dramatic and unprecedented changes.

Over this period, I’ve struggled with a central question: “Who cares about energy when tens of thousands of Americans are dying and millions are losing their livelihoods?”

It’s a hard question to answer. Amid a public health crisis and the potential for economic damage never seen before in history, who cares about solar panels and natural gas plants? Energy might not be making headlines right now, but only because the electricity we rely on to power our homes, hospitals, and essential services has not failed us. With that in mind, there are a few things I think we should consider as we prepare for a COVID-19 reality now and moving ahead.

Energy is as critical as it has ever been...   ...more

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