Michael Johnson: 10 solutions to racial injustice

MADISON (WKOW) -- Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County President and CEO Michael Johnson, a longtime advocate for Madison`s Black community, is calling on leaders to come together and speak up.

Johnson spoke out Wednesday in open letter to Madison. In it, he offers ten solutions to racial injustice in Dane County.

1. Repurpose $8.6M or 10% of MPD’s budget to community policing, mental health services and community policing strategies to be managed by black led organizations who are culturally competent, including grass root groups and other communities of color.


Ken Notes: Go Michael! I have suggested we need direction and leadership to move forward and I can not think of a better man for the job. Also I admire an individual who practices what he preaches and Mr. Johnson exemplifies this every minute of every day...

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