Assembly GOP pitches loans as unemployment backlog relief

Democrat calls proposal, which requires no legislation, `a political stunt`

At a news conference outside the west entrance of the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, Assembly Republicans renewed their attacks on Gov. Tony Evers and the Department of Workforce Development for the state’s continued COVID-19 induced backlog of unemployment claims — then offered free advice on fixing it.

Their proposal: Lend people whose applications have been in limbo — approximately 140,000 individuals, according to state estimates — $327 a week to tide them over until their applications are approved.

“How long are these 140,000 people supposed to wait?” said Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna). “How long can people go without any income without being able to pay their bills? And how long are we going to tolerate the excuses from the administration without any real action of solving the problem?”..

Ken Notes: I have long advocated for using no interest loans to bridge the gap for both business and individuals, but I am worried that the due diligence here will not be done and we will be lending people money wo have no future claim to actual unemployment benefits.

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