Report outlines recommendations to speed up Wisconsin`s clean energy transition

Group says regulators should encourage new technologies, update rules

A new report by Wisconsin energy stakeholders outlines more than a dozen recommendations on how the state can speed up the clean energy transition in the power sector­­­.

The Milwaukee-based Midwest Energy Research Consortium and Great Plains Institute out of Minneapolis brought together utilities, consumer advocates, businesses and environmental groups in the last year to pinpoint the role technology plays in Wisconsin`s energy distribution and make recommendations to upgrade the electrical system.

The grid is becoming more complex as the system is shifting from delivering electricity from power plants to including distributed energy resources like solar, wind and battery storage, according to Trevor Drake, GPI`s senior program manager...


Ken Notes: Interesting but remember the power companies are now our environmental friends and need to lead the charge. We can and should hold their feet to the fire but doing this without them is not an option...

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