Senate GOP bill could pose `huge challenge` for Wisconsin`s stressed unemployment system, DWD secretary says
MADISON - Wisconsin`s massive backlog for unemployment benefits could get far worse if Congress passes a new relief package from Republicans in the U.S. Senate, a top official in Gov. Tony Evers` administration says.

Senate Republicans are proposing a $1 trillion coronavirus relief bill known as the HEALS Act which would, among other measures, cap federal unemployment assistance to 70% of workers` pay instead of extending a weekly $600 unemployment subsidy through January as Democrats have proposed.

Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman said the state`s system to process unemployment claims — which has been overwhelmed since the pandemic hit — would all but grind to a halt...

Ken Notes: Both sides are right here. We have designed our systems in relative darkness at the State level. This means we have little options to upgrade and reuse the data in meaningful ways. We could fix this with some modern computer expertness at the helm but, not in time. I suggest porting the data from both DWD and revenue into a system that could turn out new reports that could show the 70% number by SSN and then rebuilding a payment system around that. Still will take more that a few weeks but it could be done for everyone who paid taxes at least...

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