Many Wisconsin renters have nowhere to go as evictions soar and emergency aid falls short

Milwaukee’s Black neighborhoods hit hardest as evictions eclipse pre-pandemic levels, and a state aid program has been unable to keep up to match the level of assistance needed.

Kelli Walton waited four weeks to hear whether she qualified for state emergency rental assistance. When the news came, it was too late. By the time the Social Development Commission, which distributes the aid, told her she was on a waiting list with thousands of others, Walton’s landlord had already issued a five-day notice — kickstarting an eviction...


Ken Notes: One more time! TIME OUT -- we need to use our resources to make renters, owners and businesses whole buy working with banks and using our resources to pay interest on loans to delay all of this until the economy returns to normal. If everyone could borrow JUST what the need to survive we would be in a position to evaluate where we are as Covid passes. As it now stands we are throwing upwards of five trillion dollars into the wind with no idea of where it is needed most.

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