A opening note...
I apologize for the lateness of Wisconsin Development but I was up until 3 in the morning watching our government at "work". I was once proud to refer to myself as a politician being a former School Board member, Mayor and Councilman, but now I question the title. In fact I hope that I will be remembered as a public servant not a politician.

I believe that government works best when it works together, this does not mean we have to agree, but it does mean we have to respect one another, listen to one another and to the best of our ability compromise in the interest of the people we serve. If we cannot work together we saw a clear example of what will happen -- and unfortunately if we do not change it will happen again. As an elected official I often disagreed with those on the other side of the aisle but I always respected both them personally and their opinions. It is respect that our Republic was founded on. Our founding fathers often disagreed even argued vehemently but in the end they compromised to create the nation, policy, and documents that have served us well well for some 240 years.

Yesterday I was embarrassed and thought, am I also guilty? I often suggest change in the way we approach development, business, housing, and our environment is this same as what others are doing. I sincerely hope not -- I respect everyone in the industries I cover and I respect every official trying to regulate them in the interest of the people. I try never to blame others but rather encourage the changes and discussion of ideas I feel can help.

As always I am honored that you take a few minutes to look at WDN and thank you for your time. I do remember days when Wisconsin led by example and I want us again to lead so let my first bit of advocacy for the new year be for a State that can lead a Nation by showing the respect every professional, public servant, and citizen is entitled to.


- - Volume: 9 - WEEK: 2 Date: 1/7/2021 12:50:35 PM -