WEDC allocates funding to Key Strategic Partner organizations for another year

$1,675,000 in block-style grants to be given to nine regional economic development organizations and three diverse chambers of commerce across Wisconsin

MADISON, WI. JAN. 6, 2021 – The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is renewing its commitment to community partners in economic development by allocating $1,675,000 for nine regional groups and three diverse chambers of commerce as Key Strategic Partners (KSPs) for the next year...

WEDC relies on REDOs to help carry out its statewide economic development mission, vision and core strategies. The regional groups and amount of funding received are as follows:

  •     Prosperity Southwest: $75,000
  •     Centergy: $75,000
  •     Grow North: $75,000
  •     Visions Northwest: $75,000
  •     New North: $100,000
  •     7 Rivers Alliance: $75,000
  •     Momentum West: $75,000
  •     Milwaukee 7: $125,000
  •     Madison Regional Economic Partnership: $100,000

Each REDO recognizes it has the potential to play a significant role in furthering the economic development goals of the state...


Ken Notes: First I love this and THANK YOU! I will again pitch an old idea, why not split the cost of every county and major city having a full time ED professional. As employees of WEDC these professionals would be better able to work with the agency, less likely to be eliminated by their counties in times of revenue shortfalls, could participate in state health care and retirement plans, and would exponentially improve communications at the local level. Just a thought... thanks again...

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