Prioritize populations for COVID-19 vaccinations
Honorable Tony Evers, Governor
Delivered by email
State Capitol, 115 E
Madison, WI 53702

Dear Governor Evers:

I am writing to ask for your re-consideration of those in the grocery industry as you prioritize populations for COVID-19 vaccinations.

When the Wisconsin`s Safer at Home order went into effect back in March 2020, you emphasized the imminent threat of COVID 19, the pandemic to all our Wisconsin citizens…

“Wisconsin, this is serious, the crisis is urgent. It’s not safe to go out, it’s not safe to have others over — it’s just not safe. And it might not be safe for a while yet”

Honestly, we were all scared, but at that point all of us, Essential Businesses and Critical Infrastructure Workers, had a job to do, and that was to take care of our community and ourselves as we went to war against this unseen enemy.

I am proud of our Essential and Critical Infrastructure Workers across our state, that put their own person lives on the line along with those that they love, as we pressed on to service this community during a raging pandemic.

Please allow this group who serve such a vital need in our community access to the COVID19 vaccine as early as possible and do not move them to group 1C.


Tim Metcalfe
Metcalfe’s Market

Ken Notes: This makes sense, having a safe supply chain for food and essentials has helped keep us safe. I also want to express my support for the Tommy Thompson plan to use the UW System as a way to vaccinate as many residents as we can...

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