New Beer Ex­pe­rience Coming to Old World Wisconsin

WAUKESHA, Wis.— A long-awaited, historic brewing experience is in its first construction phase at Old World Wisconsin.

This multi-million dollar project finally broke ground after several decades of planning.

Building designers say that the project is developing according to their plans. Right now, they`re starting to construct a brand new building. 

Director of Old World Wisconsin, Dan Freas, says this new beer education experience is one of the first attempts to showcase the history and culture of beer, and brewing, in the Badger State. 

Alongside the Milwaukee-based Museum of Beer and Brewing, Old World Wisconsin envisions bringing historical beer aesthetics to visitors, by using 19th-century brewing techniques.


Ken Notes: I am strongly considering becoming a history buff... On the serious side, Wisconsin needs to promote it`s entire craft brewing, Wine, and spirits industry from both a marketing and tourism perspective. I hate to see Colorado outdoing us -- but they are.

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