Evers calls for unemployment system overhaul, $200 million investment in broadband
Gov. Tony Evers, delivering Wisconsin’s first virtual State of the State, announced tonight he will call the Legislature into special session to take up legislation to modernize the unemployment system after a backlog of claims plagued his administration for much of the past year.

Evers also declared 2021 the “Year of Broadband Access,” promising to include another $200 million to help provide access to high-speed Internet to more corners of the state.

And he pledged to put the squeeze on GOP lawmakers in the upcoming redistricting process with a provision in his state budget that would require them to draw “our maps in the light of day, in the public eye, and with public input by requiring public meetings for the map-drawing process.” Evers is expected to veto the maps Republicans draw with the courts most likely having final say in what the state’s political boundaries look like for a decade...

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Ken Notes:One more time, when we invest in broadband we are often only paying for what providers have to install anyway. We need to tie rural systems to urban access. Until we do this we are throwing good money after bad. Imagine if our electric utilities were allowed to serve only two thirds of the grid???

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