Shaky grounds: Slowed by COVID, Madison coffee shops look for new revenue streams

If Ground Zero Coffee decides to open again after the pandemic winter, the 24-year-old Williamson Street café will be a different place.

“We will have to hire all new staff, train them,” said Lynn Lee, who co-owns Ground Zero and two (open) locations of Cargo Coffee with his brother, Lindsey Lee. “It’s a daunting thing to face opening a new coffee shop in the spring, even though it’s an old coffee shop. At the moment we’re not sure what the future is.”

Ground Zero is among several local cafes, including Cool Beans Coffee Café, Porter and the Capitol Square location of Colectivo, to close temporarily during a season that’s historically slow and worse, with pandemic-related restrictions on indoor seating...


Ken Notes: If and when the pandemic passes, we will be craving the social interaction we were deprived of for so long. I hope we can revive these shops but fear we can not because we have spent the money that could help already. I will return to my hurricane analogy, rather than board up and wait for the storm to pass we tried to rebuild while the winds still blew...

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