State agency move opens prime Downtown redevelopment site

A prime Downtown property may soon be available for redevelopment as a state agency prepares to relocate from its offices near Monona Terrace with spectacular views of Lake Monona.

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board, or SWIB, is moving from its two-story office building at 121 E. Wilson St. for larger, new facilities at the massive Madison Yards redevelopment on the city’s West Side.

“SWIB has outgrown its Downtown office building, which the Wisconsin Retirement System purchased more than 17 years ago and portions of which are more than 75 years old,” spokeswoman Vicki Hearing said...

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Ken Notes: This will be some very sought after space. Would be nice to see a plan for the entire area. Remember we once thought about an expanded deck over John Nolen Drive (photo and story above). We may want to revisit this... Just a thought...

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