Alliant Energy: Wisconsin cities grow by $326.4 million
MADISON, Wisconsin – February 10, 2021 – Partnerships between local and state economic developers and Alliant Energy attracted new businesses to Wisconsin and encouraged existing businesses to expand their operations.

Those collaborations led to 10 projects in 2020 that brought $326.4 million in new capital investment and created nearly 730 new jobs in communities within Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin service area. These capital investments ripple throughout the local economy as workers seek housing, shop in local stores, eat in local restaurants, and pay sales and property taxes.

“Serving our customers goes beyond providing electric or natural gas service,” said Coleman Peiffer, Alliant Energy’s senior economic and community development manager in Wisconsin. “When we help growing businesses see what our Wisconsin cities have to offer, we play a vital role in inspiring the economic growth that makes their community stronger.”...

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