Study: Minnesota, Wisconsin could plant millions of acres of trees to soak up carbon dioxide

A Nature Conservancy report finds pasture land and open urban areas offer huge potential to capture carbon dioxide and slow climate change, and UMD efforts are helping provide more trees to plant.

An all-out effort to reforest land across the United States could plant trees on another 133 million acres to help soak up carbon dioxide and limit global climate change.

That was the finding of a report released Tuesday by The Nature Conservancy that found up to 68 billion trees could be planted on those acres to capture 333 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent to removing 72 million cars from the road...


Ken Notes: Just a thought, what if every major corp in Wisconsin bought a woods or prairie to be managed by the local school. Camping, hiking, restoration, management, taught to students and preserves a part of Wisconsin for our Grandchildren!!!

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