Gov. Tony Evers Unveils $91B `Bounceback` State Budget

From An Infusion Of School Funding To A Partial Repeal Of Act 10, Plan Faces An Uphill Climb With GOP Lawmakers

Promising to help Wisconsin "bounce back" from the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Tony Evers proposed a $91 billion state budget Tuesday, an ambitious plan that would boost overall spending by almost 10 percent, infuse hundreds of millions of dollars in Wisconsin schools and reinstate some of the union bargaining rights lost by public sector workers a decade ago.

The two-year budget, which would lay the foundation for Evers` reelection should he seek a second term, includes a wide array of policies many Republicans who run the Legislature are likely to resist — from the legalization of recreational marijuana to the expansion of Medicaid.

The governor would pay for the spending increases in a number of ways, including limiting a tax credit for some manufacturers and increasing capital gains taxes on high-income individuals. Overall, the Evers administration said the budget would increase revenue by $1.6 billion. At the same time, taxes would be cut elsewhere by about $590 million for groups that include caregivers, parents and low-income residents....

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Ken Notes: Will be very interesting to see what the legislature does with this. My guess is that even with the bait most items will not pass and I can not imagine a compromise is at hand so I would not plan on any of the new issues taking hold. Too bad because there are some very interesting proposals....

Also is it fair that press promotes this as "coming soon" when in reality it is most likely not.

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