Cabin vs. campground battle heats up in Wisconsin lake country

SIREN, WIS. ­– The snow lies deep on the lakes and woods of Burnett County, but the temperature is rising as residents and developers fight over an explosion of campgrounds in northwest Wisconsin.

Long a favorite vacation spot of Twin Cities residents, the county has become a focal point in a push by developers to build large campgrounds that critics say will bring throngs of vacationers and damage the natural resources that are the area`s main attraction.

Developers say they`re being painted as villains by well-off cabin owners who are engaging in class warfare and preventing others from enjoying the lakes and woods...


Ken Notes: We need to revisit the policies on campgrounds, mobile-home communities, and neighborhoods to create a mix of lower cost affordable housing with planned development. Other states are doing this with some success, Wisconsin remains the NIMBY capital of the world...

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