Tech Workers Are Fleeing the Bay Area — Here’s Where They’re Moving
In 1971, long before the San Francisco Bay Area became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood, journalist Don Hoefler coined the term “Silicon Valley.” There were no social media networks then, no search engines and no e-commerce, but companies like Atari, Oracle and Apple made their homes there in the 1970s. By the 1980s, the Bay Area was ground zero for all things computers, and the region became a worldwide mecca for tech workers and entrepreneurs of all stripes....   ...more

Ken Notes: Madison is clearly on the list! I am a little worried about the places to live for the supporting cast of retail, hospitality, and dining employees. Several communities have typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom in the sub 1k range where Madison is north of this, not as bad as San Francisco but we can do better...

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