DWD leader promotes Evers administration job-training budget proposals
With an eye to the post-pandemic economy, the Evers administration’s proposed state budget for the next two years is calling for new spending on worker training.

Part of that increase is a one-time $10 million infusion for retraining grants, according to Amy Pechacek, secretary-designee for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD), who on Tuesday offered a primer on workforce-related parts of the budget in a virtual discussion with workforce development officials.

The grants would be issued under the DWD Fast Forward program, established in 2014 to provide training for people who are unemployed and underemployed, as well as currently employed workers. “It provides employer-led worker training that really helps upskill and round out the current skill sets of employees in various sorts of critical-need, high-demand areas,” Pechacek said....

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