All Aboard: Why high-speed rail is the future of transportation in the U.S., Wisconsin

After Wisconsin had opportunity to set tone for high-speed transportation 10 years ago, U.S. projects provide renewed hope for future

In 1999, Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) unveiled a new “Midwest Rail Initiative” that would create a railway network connecting Milwaukee and Madison to existing passenger railways in Chicago and Minneapolis.

While Thompson hoped to have the train completed by 2003 with contributions from the federal and state governments, Thompson was instead named to President-elect George W. Bush’s Cabinet in Dec. 2000, putting an end to Thompson’s push for the project...

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Ken Notes: I sat on Tommy Thompson`s Rail Advisory Board in 1999 and will state without a doubt that Wisconsin missed it`s greatest economic opportunity by not building the rail corridor when it had the chance. Now the two largest rail companies have merged, the new economy demands low cost coast to cost transit, and the opportunity for manufacturing and distribution would create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin. If we only had a brain!

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