Missy Hughes: The ingenuity and grit of small business leaders are key to recovery in Wisconsin
One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Wisconsin’s economy stands at a crossroads between the depths of recession and a return to healthy growth. We need to seize this opportunity for economic recovery by accelerating support for a cornerstone of our prosperity: small businesses.

Wisconsin’s small businesses, numbering nearly half a million enterprises, are vital to the health of our state. Yet they were crushed by the pandemic, with industries like retail, leisure and restaurants in the direct line of fire. Many lacked the financing to get them through lean times and had fewer financial reserves to start with. Overall, the number of small businesses plunged a staggering 29%, killing the livelihood for tens of thousands of Wisconsinites....

Ken Notes: I am becoming a Missy Hughes fan more every day. Small business is a key as is manufacturing, energy, new technology, and health care. We need to remain focused on good jobs and a sustainable economy.

- - Volume: 9 - WEEK: 13 Date: 3/25/2021 8:22:48 AM -