How one Milwaukee restaurant is rebounding, despite federal stimulus grant denials

MILWAUKEE — Helps is on the way for thousands of struggling restaurants in Wisconsin.

The Badger State is about to receive about $5 billion out of $1.9 trillion federal stimulus package.

We asked the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation for a breakdown of how much of the last two federal stimulus money was allocated to Wisconsin bars and restaurants. They shared these figures:

  • Phase 1 Grant: $7.685 million was given to 3,066 restaurants and bars
  • Phase 2 Grant: $22.01 was given to 4,402 restaurants and bars
  • Phase 3 Grant: $45 million to restaurants and bars ‘We’re All In for Restaurants’...

Ken Notes: Great read and very interesting. I worry about small businesses on both sides of the coin. Some really need help to make it over the hump while others who may have been destined to fail are taking money to pocket it short term and will fail anyway. The pandemic has been difficult and our response has been to just throw money at it.

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