Milwaukee is getting more townhomes. They include back yards, attached garages and other suburban features in urban neighborhoods.

Josh Delaney wanted a new home for his family — something close to downtown Milwaukee but with features, including a back yard and attached garage, that can be difficult to land in an urban neighborhood.

"We wanted the suburban home feel downtown. We couldn’t find that," Delaney said at a recent public hearing.

That led Delaney, who operates an online-based marketing firm, to become a developer of four new townhomes in the 1500 block of North Jefferson Street...

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Two small apartment developments are proceeding on Downer Avenue on Milwaukee`s east side. Some of the units are to open this fall.


Ken Notes: Great read, Tom Daykin goes beyond the surface of development stories in Milwaukee to highlight very interesting issues. My favorite example -- One of those units, at 2118 S. Aldrich St., is now listed for sale with Coldwell Banker Realty for $746,000. Its assessed value is $297,200.

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