New live-work space for artists in Bronzeville is boosting that Milwaukee neighborhood while also helping artists
A development which would create new live-work space for artists in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville is proceeding — boosting the neighborhood while also helping artists find a place of their own.

And that complements a long-term goal of creating a cultural and entertainment district in Bronzeville, a historic area centered on West North Avenue between North King Drive and I-43.

The project’s pending $246,000 first phase involves renovating a four-unit apartment building at 334-340 W. Meinecke Ave...


Ken Notes: I love this idea! We also need to create affordable living space for the "artists" that prepare and serve our food, make our beds, and sell us our products. If we can not integrate affordable living spaces for our service and retail workers into our neighborhoods we do not deserve the quality of life they provide... Also the government has been trying to solve this problem for decades and has really not succeed. We need a new plan --- I would look at Habitat, Smaller Units with shared amenities, Micro homes (integrated into existing neighborhoods), and housing integrated into retail developments, just to name a few...

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