Green Infrastructure Project Within 30th Street Corridor Blends Environmental Education & Research
Not long ago, a desolate parcel of land just north of Capitol Drive, hugged by train tracks to the west and 31st Street to the east, was utterly blighted. Today, it`s a burgeoning green space called Green Tech Station designed to capture stormwater. The project can be toured this Saturday as part of Doors Open Milwaukee.

The Wisconsin Independent Oil Company originally operated on the site, according to Tory Kress with the City of Milwaukee`s Redevelopment Authority.

"We knew that there was some brownfield issues because there was bulk oil storage on the site for a long, long time; so we were concerned about what we would find out here," Kress said. "We wrote an EPA brownfield clean-up grant, but we kind of didn`t know exactly how we were going to bring it out of the ground."..


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